Top 10: The most. Escort services in different countries

In ancient times Rome was considered a sin city. In it was slavery, blood and a deadly struggle. Today, of course, no one is killed for the entertainment of tourists, but there are still in the world of the city, dark and unknown «tourist offers» which are able to attract many fans of risk, sex and drugs. Meet the most shameful places on the planet.

Berlin, Germany

If you like dressing up in latex pants, then Berlin is waiting for you. This city is a godsend for all lovers of sex slavery and fetishism. You will find here a lot of night clubs, where you can not only dance, but also surrender to carnal pleasures. For money, of course. Prostitution in Berlin is legalized.

Macao, China

In the city of Macau is the Chinese Las Vegas. It is here that the largest casino in the world is created. From a legal point of view, gambling for the Chinese government is a very lucrative business. The scale of this can be confirmed by the fact that the profits from the casino in Macau are twice the profit from the American Las Vegas. And where money is prostitution. Also legally. However, pimping here is a crime. Also here the escort service are highly developed.

Manama, Bahrain

Tiny Bahrain is connected with Saudi Arabia only by a dam. Citizens of Saudi Arabia, in order to avoid severe punishments prevailing in their country, come to Manama, because here with impunity you can get drunk, make an appointment with a prostitute or have sex with a partner of the same sex. Although the city of Manama is Islamic, one third of the population are foreigners. This was facilitated by the liberalization of morals.

New Orleans, USA

The sinful history of New Orleans begins with the nineteenth century, when music, prostitution, French food and unsurpassed hedonism influenced each other. This legacy can be seen even today. In New Orleans, there are many bars with striptease and porn stores.

Moscow, Russia

What happens when, after long years of Soviet prohibitions, time comes to get rid of them? Of course, this is madness. You will find sinfulness in any nightclubs with any music. Prostitution, although outlawed, is well developed — especially in special places (markets) where you can order this service. Also in Moscow there are a lot of swinging clubs and other closed institutions, where you can satisfy any fantasy.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Go to the beach — Copacabana or Ipanema — and the whole day you will have the opportunity to look at the beautiful naked breast voluptuous brazilian. This is only the beginning of the play, because at night you can go to a legal brothel, which even has a menu of services. And when the carnival begins … it’s better not to talk.

Las Vegas, United States

Paradise for every sinner. Everywhere gambling — even at the airport, escort services, strippers … Do you want to shoot with a pistol? No problem — you can always go to the weapons store, where you will be sold a gun after presenting any document — even a driver’s license. After the festivities in Las Vegas you can earn a pretty tough hangover.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known mainly for its Red Light Street, where anyone can find something for themselves. There are a number of «performances» — for example, in showcases you can see couples who portray sex. But this is a trifle compared to the opportunity to smoke marijuana and hashish in a special pub.

Tijuana, Mexico

Cheap tequila, prostitution, drugs — all this is available on almost every street thanks to a corrupt police officer. The city of Tijuana attracts not only Mexicans seeking thrills, but also American students from the nearby southwestern states of the United States. They like to come here on weekends and vacations to taste the forbidden fruit.

Pattaya, Thailand

In go-go-clubs you can look at transsexuals dancing under incendiary rhythms. Do not get tired to surprise also local strippers who show tricks with balls from ping-pong in the vagina. Fans of softer sensations should order an erotic massage or visit Thai brothels — in general, while relaxing in this country, you can warm up for years to come.

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